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Bass Player, Composer and Arranger

Dave Manington

Dave Manington's Riff Raff "Hullabaloo" Loop1015 (6 panel digipac)


1. Agile

2. Hullabaloo

3. Lingering at the Gravy

4. Catch Me the Moon

5. Water Torture

6. Pedro Bernardo

7. You can't eat crisps to that

8. Not a worthless thing



Dave Manington Quartet album  "Headrush" (Loop1006)


"Creative contemporary jazz composition with its freedom of improvised expression is in safe hands in my opinion having just heard this album. These four musicians are equally matched and share a lucidity and flow within their music that subtly but powerfully demonstrates their individual and collective excellence!"  Iain Ballamy


“Dave Manington leads this fearless lineup on an exploration of the deepest reaches of jazz, negotiating both turbulent and tranquil musical waters with muscular assurance and energy. “  Helen Mayhew

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Dave Manington's Riff Raff "Challenger Deep" Loop 1030 (6 panel digipac)


1. Dr. Octopus

2. Challenger Deep

3. The Iliad

4. Free Spirit

5. Prime Numbers

6. Random Acts of Kindness

7. Dangerpig

8. Thagomizer

9. Willow Tree



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