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Bass Player, Composer and Arranger

Dave Manington

28/09/17 Tori Freestone Trio, International  Jazz festival Leibnitz, Austria,

19/10/17 Eddie Parker's Airborn, 606 club, London,

22/10/17 Yazz Ahmed's Hafla band, Guildford Jazz Festival,

16/11/17 Solstice, Coventry Jazz Club,

24/11/17 Yazz Ahmed Quartet, Turning East Festival, Amsterdam,

15/12/17, Yazz Ahmed Quartet, Istanbul, Turkey,

10/01/18, Yazz Ahmed Quartet, New York, Winter Jazz Festival,

2/2/18 Tori Freestone Trio, Birmingham Jazz,




22/2/18 Dave Manington's RIFF RAFF, Jazz Nursery, London,

23/2/18 Dave Manington's RIFF RAFF, Leeds College of Music - Workshop (afternoon)

23/2/18 Dave Manington's RIFF RAFF Leeds - Domino Club,

11/5/18 Dave Manington's RIFF RAFF, Birmingham Jazz,,

12/5/18 Dave Manington's RIFF RAFF, ALBUM LAUNCH DATE, The Vortex, London

16/5/18 Dave Manington's RIFF RAFF, Sheffield Les Car,

14/6/18 Dave Manington's RIFF RAFF, Poole, The soundcellar,


13/02/18, Tori Freestone Trio, Pizza Express Dean St.

16/02/18, Yazz Ahmed Quintet @ Faches-Thumesnil, France

03/03/18, Yazz Ahmed Quartet @ Nice, France

10/03/18, Tori Freestone Trio, Leer - Germany
















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